Contact Us - Communication Policies

We strive to utilize the most convenient form of communication for each client to provide a prompt response to our clients’ needs and concerns.  If we are unable to respond to a client request for communication due to prearranged appointments, seminars, or court appearances, please leave voicemail at (904) 323-1248, or send us an email to karla (at), and we will make every attempt to return client calls on the same business day or, if we are unable to do so, on the following business day.   

Communications from inquirers and prospective clients and any others making general inquiries should not expect to be contacted on the same day, and will be responded to if and when the firm is able to do so.

Cautions, disclosures and helpful information to inquirers and prospective clients 

This website is not a substitute for legal advice from qualified counsel. You should not and are not authorized to rely on this site as a source of legal advice. The viewing of or use of this site does not create any attorney-client relationship between you and attorney Karla Crosby Ayer.

Please also be mindful that merely contacting and making an inquiry of our offices or anyone in our offices will not establish an attorney/client relationship.  We cannot represent you until we determine there would be no conflict of interest and that we are otherwise able to accept representation for you for your matter.  

Please do not send us any information or documents that you would expect to be maintained in confidence until we acknowledge to you that a formal attorney/client relationship has been established through an interview with attorney Karla Crosby Ayer and that such a relationship is acknowledged in the form of an engagement letter or engagement email to you.   If you are not a client of the law firm, any information you provide will not be considered privileged.

Note:  Given the uncertainty about the privacy of Google Mail, we recommend that you do not communicate with us by means of a “gmail” account, or do so with full knowledge of Google Mail’s policies, terms and conditions.   Visitors to our offices may not bring any types of listening or recording devices such as Google Glass onto the premises, or wear Google Glass at meetings.

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