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Karla Crosby Ayer         

      I am an attorney licensed in the State of Florida with 23 years practice experience.

    My office is in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida, a city where history comes to life every day.   I am available to help with legal matters in all counties of Florida

    I am a sole practitioner and my clients are pleased with my positive approach and dedication to their personal and business concerns.

   I enjoy my work and my ability to help people through stressful periods of their lives such as when estate matters arise, or when buying or selling residential real estate as well as assisting them in enriching their lives in various ways.

    Other clients need advice and counsel on opportunities available to them in business or real property matters such as forming corporations, buying and selling businesses, and dealing with transfers of ownership and landlord tenant matters.

           In my estate planning and probate work I can help you plan the distribution of your estate, or guide you through the probate and estate administration process after the death of a loved one.

   I also may be able to assist you in many other areas of law either personally or by referring you to another qualified, competent and appropriate attorney who will be able to help you with your legal matter. I always offer a free thirty minute initial consultation.  Thank you for visiting the web site of Karla Crosby Ayer, Esq. 

Karla Crosby Ayer
Attorney & Counselor at Law

Telephone -  904  323-1248
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